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A Person who likes to be around you, and talk to you, displaying interest in you but not truly stalking you. This is often mistakening for actual stalking by ignorant people, and to a certain degree is socially acceptable. It is the act of pursuing someone in an atempt to befriend them, date them, or create a buisness relationship with them. Half-Stalking is a habit that a person can grow out off, and change. Half-Stalking is restricted to a specific location, such as A REC center, work, or school.
In High School

Person A: Ugh, that guy is such a stalker. He's always following me, and saying hi to me, when he sees me in the hallways.

Person B: Um, that nots stalking... its Half Stalking. He only talks to you at school. Maybe there just trying to get to know you. I think he likes you! It's not like he sends creepy phone calls or follows you home.

Person A: I never thought about that. For better or worse, He is kinda interesting...
by Sir Flux September 28, 2009
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