1. To complete a job to a very poor standard.

2. To start on a job and not...

Half Arsed (UK) aka Half Assed (US)

"From the latin Halficus Arseicus meaning British Builder"
by Sir Dale esq August 22, 2006
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of thing, person, or effort made:
Deficient in quality, strength, or motivation.
A: "You're half-arsed"
B: "No, You're just too anal"
by J13X December 23, 2006
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Verb - Meaning to go about a designated task in an obvious and intentional half-arsed manner, with the expectation of having someone more motivated or capable step in and take over, and never being entrusted with such tasks ever again.
Woman to friend: "I don't know why I bother asking my insert either: Son/Husband/Brother/Housemate to help with insert either: cook/clean/laundry/chores etc, they'll just fart around Half-arsing it so that I take over in frustration and finish it properly, or have to do it all over again anyway."

Mother to Son: "Can you please help fold and put away your laundry?"
Son to Mother: *sighs* "OK..." * scrunches laundry into a ball and stuffs it in a drawer.*
Mother to Son: "you know what? Just get outta my way and quit Half-arsing around. I may as well just do it myself."
by Joools November 28, 2022
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