A place where potheads and nic addicts come together in the bathroom. Gay sex may occur.
“I thought by moving to California I escaped haldane, but I guess it’s still in me
by IzzJaBoi January 3, 2021
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a place where the world stands still and teachers and janitory prey on the innocent souls traped in this warp in the time space continuium the wild life there consisites of asbestos monsters flesh eating dust bunnys and the ever vicious sloppy joe which can be found preying on the bowels of students every second wendsday of the month
dude its a haldane out there, be careful
by Jim Nelson January 14, 2004
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A place where education is essential, pronunciation is perfect, behavior is at its best, and achievment is anticipated. And i have never lied soo much in my life. hahaha. Haldane is a prison located in the projects of Cold Spring. School shootings occure once every 5 minutes and the percentage of making it through you first day at Haldane is 1%.
Haldane, worse then sing sing.
by xxxxxx January 15, 2004
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Tiny school dominated by asshole jocks in the hick village of Cold Spring. 800 people K-12 all in one building, baby! Doesn't get any worse than this.
Haldane...there's only one of 'em.
by Spinelli January 14, 2004
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associated with the word "gay" (not to be confused with sexual orienatation)
Haldane is so fcuking gay.
by Kait January 14, 2004
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super noodle ungrateful junkie who makes his family eat rations and uses them a tiktok slaves
so he can buy consoles and vbucks
oh no its conall Haldane gobble your rations quickly
by Yarhenpops January 1, 2020
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