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Halah is a backstabbing bitch. Normally has brown hair, cute face, darker eyes. But a very nice body. Typically has a large butt, with average to large breasts with very strong legs. At first will seem kind and funny but later, when you get to know he you will find out she is a lying, arguementative, judgemental, emotional train wreck. She most likely will claim to be a virgin when you meet although it will be revealed that she is not later on. She will always pretend to want sex but as soon as things get to close she will immediately back down. Not recommened to have a relationship with.
God your bae is such a Halah
by SwagLord6669420 June 25, 2014
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Is a true friend. Has a great body., pretty face, funny, nice and great friend someone to trust, she's the dream girlfriend, once u find a girl like her don't let her go, she might seem hurt and is a emotional but trust me when I say she is misunderstood and girls often get jealous and make things up about her and she gets hurt and she has a past like really bad but she sticks to her and smiles but she just needs some to trust and know that they won't back stab her she has been back stabbed a lot and bullied a lot but she is a great girl and she is everything u want and need she is a girl that once u get to know her u might fall in love she is halah the girl u want to meet, u will love her or hate her outta jealousy , and she doesn't trust many people, and when she does she will do anything she can to keep it or them with her and she always works hard

. When u find a halah don't believe what others say get to know her
Halah She has dark hair . Dark eyes. Pretty face.

Amazing body
by Lifehitu May 17, 2018
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