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Haisel is a great best friend with a feminine name that no one questions after meeting him. His laugh is contagious and makes you feel warm all over. He will always make sure you're happy and smiling even if he isnt. He will go out of his way to find out what's wrong. Haisel's not afraid to ask you if you're okay twice if you say you are, but he knows you aren't. He isn't afraid to express his own feelings either. His feelings usually come out in tears but you have to try to comfort him the way he comforts you. He is your strength when you feel like you couldn't be any weaker. Although he cries often you will most likely see him with a huge smile on his face. Haisel's a great best friend so don't take his love for granted if he gives it to you. If you find Haisel, keep him. Treasure him. Always remind him how much you love him because he gets sensitive about it sometimes.
"You see that beaming young man over there, he must be Haisel"
by Katie580 September 18, 2016
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