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A sexual action;

Background/criteria: woman must be wearing glasses

Punch the bitch in the face and break her glasses, start waving your wand around, and just when your about to blow all over her face shout “oculus reparo” and it will fix her glasses.

Precautions: try not to break the lenses, semen is not good for the eyes.
I hairy pottered the libraian FTW
by Millsthrills May 03, 2008
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The act of sticking a broomstick up your ass and then running around with it while holding your erect cock with both of your hands.

For extra points, urinate profusely while doing it.
Look, Larry's doing a Hairy Potter again!
by Roth Vantage September 23, 2015
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Long scraggly pubic hair surrounding a man's anus.
You're in the shower at the gym and a guy bends over to wash his ankles, just when you turn towards him.. and you get an unwanted view of his "hairy potter". Usually associated with individuals that have large amounts of back hair, and low personal hygiene.
by Fredster August 03, 2007
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A hairy person, generally a male, that sheds body hair, usually arm hair.
Jeff is such a Hairy Potter. He reached over my plate of orange chicken for the salt and he bombed my lunch with a hair. Bastard!
by Cynthia Potter August 13, 2003
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As you may know of Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming play Equus. Looks like he's got a Hairy situation!
Someone suggested that Hairy Potter should shave!
by KC<3 February 03, 2007
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