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When someone looks you up and down in a judgemental way.
I ran into my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend at the party and she gave me the hairy fuckin' eyeball.
by GLo Meatball November 04, 2003
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The hairy eyeball is the death stare.
Its the look somone gets when theyre hearing a bunch of bull, or they are glaring at their worst enemy, parent, great aunt-gladdie, teacher, employer, stalker, neighborhood arsonist-pedaphile-rapist, nosey neighbor, siblings, that 13 year old and her friends following you around the mall because your so attractive.
Larry caught a glimpse of Judy, his most recent ex, with a horrible look in her eyes; she was giving him the hairy-eyeball.
by Kalyx January 07, 2009
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When you go down on a girl and you get a scratched cornea from her bush.
Ivan, "Why are you wearing an eyepatch?"
Anthony, "I was going down Justine and she gave me a hairy eyeball."
by JAI peace pie November 22, 2016
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