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Womans vaginal opening. So called because of an obvious likeness to the shape of an axewound in a womans vagina. Can only really apply if the vagina is unkempt and is hairy.

See Cunt or Pussy.
I bust my nut into your mums hairy axe wound last night.


Want me to stick my cock in your hairy axe wound?
by Sparky897 December 22, 2003
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a womens vagina. fish taco bearded clam cunt salmon canyon pink taco vertical smile
dude, your grandma had the nastiest hairy axe wound. look like she was chopped with a rusty axe
by dr.frank December 19, 2006
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A hairy vagina. ete. the hairy axewound like shape - obviously
I loved to taste her hairy axewound

Her minge looked like a hairy axe wound
by Olly the Sanchez April 27, 2003
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a euphemism for a vagina. hairy, due to the pubic hair, and an axe wound, since the vagina forms a slit similar to the cut of an axe wound
i sure would like to place my penis in her hairy axe wound
by shingle May 31, 2007
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