hair lip is what you get when you go down on girl that has a "bush" and you come up with hair in your mouth.
bitch, i am tired of getting a freaking hair lip every time i eat you, shave that thing.
by fuckthathotass69 August 25, 2017
Alternate street name to the drug glint. Drug is injested by rubbing it ones lips. Good times.
Poppy thrashed herself through a keyhole after od'ing on satan's hair lip.
by Jerry Blank January 17, 2005
found on the female gym teacher, cunt hair lips is referred to as the pubes growing on the upper lip and chin region . . . . gimme some of that
Scarlett woke up one morning for her interview at the local high school for the lesbian gym teacher position, and decided to make herself more presentable by waxing off her cunt hair lips. ... . gimme some of that
by Billy Dan February 29, 2004
Used to imply that someone is stupid or incorrect.
You really thought it was a good idea to eat that gas station sushi? Do your nose hairs reach your lips?
by Cazilla69 August 25, 2022