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A sexy beast with a fab body. She be trollin each and everydaay. Euurbody be all "Damn girl, you be packiin!" They all looking at her ass and lickin' their lips, N' all those necessities. She is a freak, but everybody loves her for that. She falls for guys, like no tomorrow! She be loosing her virginity at the mother fuckin age o' five son! She be sittin here on her mother fuckin bed, playing with her toys N' all. Talkin to her grandmamamaaaaa. Oh hot damn
Joe: "Dude, look at Hailey(:. She be jammin!"

Mark: " Man, you trippen. That girl got black pussy at the age of six broo!"

Joe: "Just my type braa, I want to eaat her up! Do some mother fuckin 69!"

Mark: "Sick braa..sick."
by Her mother fucking girl fraand December 27, 2011
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