Health at every size. Usually used as an excuse for people to be severely overweight or severely underweight.
“Did you hear about that haes propaganda on Reddit?” “Yeah.”
by KatherineTheLavaGirl January 20, 2021
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A form of greeting originated from haus of hae. The originator of hae is unknown but it was most likely founded by Kimmi other wise known as "h0ot_ie" on the social platforms Twitter and Instagram. It may have also been Kimmi's dear friend Levi . It was used a greeting, using hae instead of "hi" or "hello". The former cult turned friend group use this greeting when a friend joins them.
"Hae levi!" or simply just "hae" when a friend joins
by Haus of hae Team March 24, 2021
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when you slide in them dms and are nervous
Susan messaged Jimmy nervously saying "hae"
by solidsprinkle June 21, 2018
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1337 w0rd1ge used 0n t3h 1337 bavarian heav3n serv3h! means Oh Hae :D
Say: Hae
Say: Hae
Say: Hae
by B0d0_Du_Fr0sche May 3, 2005
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A word to use if you secretly need to take a massive dump but don't want to tell the whole world.
Hey Pombo, I took an Il Hae yesterday and clogged our pipes
by Trawl'd January 24, 2011
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1. goddess of arts and culture
2. used to describe intelligent matter
"Look at this new invention!"
"Whoa, that is so hae yeon!"
by goddess of fluffy September 10, 2006
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Pronounced he-yan hay

the awesome, pressure-like feeling that one gets when listening to their favorite music that inspires rhythm and encourages the listener to sing along.
I listened to skrillex last night and got a brilliant feeling of hjyan-hae.
by Rutilus Sun January 10, 2014
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