a beautiful girl, NOT CRAZY (might be weird though) she does love to shop. Not athletic but when she sets her mind to something, she gets it done.
"I saw this girl yesterday and she reminds me of a Hadeel"
by THE KWEEN slays July 15, 2018
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a crazy girl who is a speed demon behind the wheel, refuses to eat atherton, puts up w/ her american roommate, likes to shop a lot (if it were a career, she'd be doing it), very easy to get along with, likes to laugh, and eat cheez-its.
I met this girl today and she is so like a hadeel.
by Oasis February 01, 2005
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An amazing person who has more than one favorite band. They fall in love easily but know not to be played
Oh my god. She is such a Hadeel.
by Mrs Buttsman November 16, 2017
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