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When someone (a pervert) on Chatroulette deems it is necessary to loop the song "What is Love" by Haddaway* while whacking off to the beat. A blatant misuse of the mic setting in which you can choose stereo mix (if enabled) as a way for you partner to hear the song you are listening to.

*"What is Love" was a one hit wonder by Haddaway, remixed versions of this song do exist but, for the most part, people that partake in this perversion use the original, perhaps because they want to remind themselves of a time where vans were cheap, and unnecessarily large swirly lollipops were more readily available.
Pauly DiAngelo: I was I Chatroulette last night and got Haddawayed.

Vinny Capricola: What does that mean?

Pauly: out of nowhere a dick came on the screen and started whacking off to the beat! He was litteraly beatin' up dat' beat except he wasn't beating the song he was beatin his dick!

Vinny: Makes you think bout those stupid guidos that do that kinda shit in clubs in jersey...

Pauly: What the fist pumpin' or the whacking off?

Vinny: Both

(Pauly and Vinny high-five)
by 231zfa March 10, 2010
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