Usually found in America, Haber's are usually outgoing, inspiring, and awesome individuals.
He's a Haber alright.
by saygoodbye September 24, 2008
a ferocious bear that will eat you; found anywhere in the world (except Japan); extremely dangerous
John: OMG there's a ferocious haber!
Connor: Haber, where?
by HAberman January 18, 2011
A person who is a major drug addict that usually texts 12 girls at once that have no self esteem and thinks he has play also will only do curls and arm exercises at the gym and leave early to do more drugs
That kid is such a Haber
by Dan G Sak May 30, 2011
With a name like that he is probably a strange loner who is smart but has cat-like motives.
Aww look at Grant Haber hissing again!
by blackhawk98 October 1, 2011
One of the most unusual names and often means you are the lushess person ever as well as Bering a good friend towards others.
Ohh hey there haber-sage.

Wow your so nice haber-sage
by Apandaamandaa July 30, 2011
1) to show pleasure or excitement
2) to show disgust or annoyance

Note: increasing the number of "habers" before the "waaa" increases the intensity of the phrase
1) We are going to Disney World! Haber haber waaa!

2) Look at that obese tub of lard! Haber waaa.
by Alfie Gareth March 6, 2005
I just wana nut on her titie milkers
That bitch got a slimy pussy and we call get becky haber tit slip
by Anal monster December 2, 2012