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Is a phrase adopted by Gaelic Fans in Ireland. Is a accronym of "Hon The Banter" or it's shorter version "Hon The Bant" It is rapidly growing in the Drogheda Region of Ireland and is spreading to areas of North County Dublin with common usage in scatterings across the Country. Also commonly used among Facebook users in Ireland.
"That was some game last night. Meath are Shit. HTB!"
by TheFamousYank February 04, 2012
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phrase used by members of the a cappella group, the tufts beelzebubs in coordance with their "bubspeak" slang.
translated: "hard to believe."
"dude, you hooked up with that girl?? htb!"
by dellie April 28, 2005
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Short for "Horny Teenage Boy Syndrome", a condition that affects teenage boys causing them to be overly horny. People who suffer from this condition may experience wet dreams, odd behavior towards people they are attar
Sarah: Jack was being really weird last night. He wouldn't get off of me!
Julie: He must be suffering from HTBS.
by panamachic1010 September 04, 2011
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HTB is an acronym for "Horny Teenage Boy." A boy in their teen years who their horny actions can be explained by calling them an HTB.
"hey so are we going to get together later?
"What? No! You are an HTB."
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by cleverqueen April 21, 2019
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To put it simply, Hide the boner :D

Originated from down under ;-) hehe
d00d1: Hey baybee how you doin?

~ Slap ~

d00d2: Next time HTB d00d
d00d1: Oh that explains alot...
by partyatmine38 March 01, 2010
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