meath is one of the 32 countys in ireland. it is in the provence of leinster. it was once a provence itself when it was joined with westmeath. it is surrounded by leinster countys westmath, louth, offaly, kildare, dublin, monaghan and cavan (the latter two being in ulster). its capital is navan although it was formally trim. trim is still sitting place of the circuit court. the high king of ireland used to sit in tara. in recent years it has had a huge growth expansion, particularly in the south-east of the county.

GAA is the most popular sport in the county. football is a lot stronger than hurling. the football team has won 7 all-irelands placing it 4th in the roll-of-honour, behind galway and ahead of cork. the other main sport is national hunt horse racing. meath is home to irelands main racecourse: fairyhouse racecourse, home of the irish grand national. it is situated in ratoath.

meath is also home to brú na bóinne which is a world heritage site. it is is one of the largest and most important prehistoric megalithic sites in europe.

meath also has the only two gaeltacht area's in leinster: ráth cairn and báile ghib.
meath is one of ireland's 32 countys
by Toxication January 9, 2009
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Meath Scum refers to a person from the county of meath in Ireland where cheating and arrogance is second nature.
That fat lad joe sheridan is meath scum
by joe sheridan July 13, 2010
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the act of heavy breathing and sweating profusely while eating a great deal of meat
"After eating a 48 ounce steak, Tim began meathing uncontrollably."
by RaySDRaySD February 27, 2020
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