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abbreviation for hate-my-ass-off in either a literal sense in which you despise your ass so much that the donkey will trot off and desert you for greener pastures and a better companion who will not be as verbally or physically abusive as you were....or in a metaphorical sense in which you are basically saying that you are filled with a tremendous amount of loathing for something or someone at the moment right now
Shrek HMAOed his donkey when he said that the donkey was a worthless piece of shit that some fat bitch crapped out of her yeast-infected anus after doing anal with Owen Wilson.

I am so angry that I am HMAOing right now with anger
by Maxabillion February 08, 2009
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Hollering my ass off.

a more colorful way to express your amusement besides; 'lmao' or 'lol'
Yeah, I was hmao.
by hnnnggghhh April 06, 2011
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Hinging my ass off, ( like lmao, but with hing hing hing, the vietnamese laugh, replacing laughing)
-Dude, I saw a panda express car, and then it stopped, and chinese people came out of it. -HMAO, are you serious?
by Washingtonsays September 26, 2010
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