Hima in Sanskrit means "snow" , refers to Himalayas. Girls with name Hima want to make their life in their own terms and conditions and they wish the same for the surrounding people as well. They like stable things in life. They have a sense of drama and art. They are a bit old fashioned but curious creatures!
The plant has also been named Hima and has been identified with the plant Cinnamomum camphora.
by nucjdsafvew January 10, 2018
Hima is the sanskrit word for snow. Himalayas is the abode of Lord Shiva hence Hima means very pious. Some morons and perverts who are sex addicts themselves have given a wrong meaning to the word.
by swassti February 5, 2010
Himas is a beautiful
Himas is the one
by h2strappy July 6, 2021
a really tall guy, funny at most moments. has an afro. very perverted, and love girls in skinny jeans.
addicted to porn, and spams people way to much. usually has a career as a porn star.
guy: what you do on the weekend?
other guy: i pulled a hima
by lemon782 June 11, 2009
"Hima" is a Filipino word for girl's white-mens. It is something that you see when a girl is about to have a menstruation. Whiteblood that is.
"Ang baho naman ng hima mo, sinasabit mo pa kung saan saan ang panty mo.!!!"

" Hey your white-mens stinks!!! You even managed to hang your panty around "
by mahlong August 10, 2006
Legs so great they can only be on one woman, the Hima. So strong, smooth (See smoothels) and sexy they just blow your mind. The Hima Legs are squeezable on top, sleek and sexy on the bottom and smooth and lovable throughout! Nothing quite like 'em!
by Throwback, D May 8, 2016