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HIGHVE, to HIGHVE or HIGHVing is the combination/fusion of the words 'High' and 'Five'.
This term is used order to identify the highest of social awards.

A person worthy of a HIGHVE will have had to have achieved something truly worthy of a HIGHVE, otherwise it is invalid.

In order to perform a HIGHVE, you will need to follow two strict rule which define said action. The action must be HIGH, and it must contain FIVE fingers. HIGHVing with any dismembered digits will not result in a legitimate and correct HIGHVE. In some cases an incorrect HIGHVE's can result in being socially exiled, or worse, death.
Yeah, I got to level 47 of Nazi Zombies" "Mate, you deserve a HIGHVE!
by Dibden MANZ July 01, 2010
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