HFSP is an acronym used typically in the crypto community against non-belivers. Translates into "have fun staying poor"
Peter Schiff: Bitcoin eventually to zero
Community: HFSP
by Corviniuss January 3, 2021
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No-coiner: Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme. I would never invest in it.

Chad: lol, hfsp
by cornstacker January 15, 2021
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“better buy gamestop stock now or HFSP” *

* Narrator: this is absolutely not financial advice nor even personally recommended
by composed February 19, 2021
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Have fun staying poor.

Usually used by a bitcoiner as a response to a nocoiner expressing some excuse for choosing to remain poor.
Bitcoiner: “You said you were about to buy bitcoin for the first time last week, how’d it go?”
Nocoiner: “Oh, it went up 2% right before I clicked ‘buy’ so I decided to wait for the dip”
B: 🙄
B: “so did it dip back since then?”
N: “umm, no, it went up another 15% the next day”
B: “wow, I guess you learned your lesson... did you buy at that point?”
N: “no, I’m waiting for it to drop back to the price where I first heard about bitcoin”
by rich_bitcoiner January 2, 2021
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