Have. Fun. Staying. Poor.

Typically used within the Bitcoin community on the Social Media platform Twitter. "Have. Fun. Staying. Poor." implies the individual who shines a light negatively towards Bitcoin can have fun while staying poor. Whereas the Bitcoiners who frequently Stack Sats towards the goal of 6.15btc "fuck big titty bitches with infinite riches."
"I suggest you read about the history of money so you stop making these lazy uninformed arguments. Really, it is a bit depressing to read that this is how bitcoin supporters think about their "precious".
Bitcoins < shells. But there is nothing wrong with that." - Rodrigo Zeidan (@RodZeidan)

Bitcoin Twitter:

Have Fun Staying Poor

by PumpkinToshi January 2, 2021
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Phrase used by Bitcoin community to warn against altcoins, a.k.a. 'shitcoins' as a poor investment.
by raclavius December 28, 2021
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Have fun staying poor is used by the bitcoin community to warn against altcoin scams like ethereum or the US dollar. It can also be used to end a discussion with a bitcoin critic by pointing out the critic is not worth explaining bitcoin to. The phrase is in a way a goodbye and a wish that the person that doesn't get bitcoin will at least have fun during the period that they stay poor. Thet phrase is often used in a shortened version like "Have" or even "H".
Bitcoin critic: "Bitcoin is not scarce because it is infinitely divisible"
Bitcoiner: "H"

Your dumb friend: "I invested some money in cryptocurrencies."
Bitcoiner: "Have fun staying poor!"
by Skalgaan January 2, 2021
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