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Acronym created on the Southampton Football Club web forums.

Every transfer window pretty much every single player released, transfer listed or otherwise available would be suggested by a forum member as a potential signing.

"He could do a job for us" was the most common description.

This was regardless of the realism of the prospect, transfer fee, desire to play for Southampton, wages etc. Any player with the slightest hint of needing a move would appear as a potential HCDAJFU.

HCDAJFU became the catch all term for the hundreds of players suggested on web forums every summer and January.

A HCDAJFU is any manager, player or chairman/millionaire that could help us.

On Saints forums there is a HCDAJFU list each transfer window, in Summer 07 about 300 different players were suggested.

Some have suggested on Urban Dictionary that HCDAJFU is some cliquey thing where the meaning was "kept" from people. This is simply not the case HCDAJFU is for everyone.
Saints fan one:

I see Francis Jeffers is available.

Saints fan two:



Saints fan three

I know John Harton is fat old and welsh but I still think HCDAJFU.
by Saints fan 1977 November 11, 2007
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An abbreviation dreamt up by certain members of the Saints Forever website who think they're funny and clever.

Stands for "He Could Do A Job For Us".
Person A: Player X is available on a free transfer.
Person A: Eh?
Person C: Don't tell him what it means!
by Lost Soul Saint August 23, 2006
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