Horny bitch syndrome; female version of HNS
When a female is horny.
Girl1: I want crave d so much right now
Girl2: I think you’ve got HBS
Girl1: What’s that?
Girl2: Horny bitch syndrome
Girl1: Yeah, I think I do have it
by Kikkelkiller49 January 23, 2020
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Heavy Bitch Syndrome (Matt Young)
Boy! Matt young sure has HBS
by mrpoobJE April 28, 2021
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HBS and/or H.B.S.
H happy
B being

S single
~ and/or

H happier, happiest
~ also see
SINGLE and/or S.I.N.G.L.E.

S stress
I is

N now

G gone
L living’s

E easy
~ and/or

L life’s

E easier
I never realized how unenlightened, unhealthy, unmoving and problematic toxic men are and I’m so HBS periot
by Your Girl Ferrari January 22, 2022
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The GOAT; the sexiest, the smartest, the best, the most beautiful girl ever, who everyone loves to the extreme, she’s an icon
“Omg, is the THE HB?!! She’s a GOAT, SHES A GOAT!! SN loves her more than anything!! Get an autograph
by Sn201180LVHB November 30, 2021
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