has more then one meaning..

1. H.4.L = Homies 4 Life

2. H.4.L = High For Life
1. me and alex stay H.4.L yo !

2. fuck the world homie imma stay H.4.L !!
pass the blunt !
by LazySmoker5150 April 05, 2009
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def'n. A crew from Toronto, Canada. H4L, short for Homies For Life.

SDR From the city where shit gets mad gritty,
H4L is tha krew and i got no time for pity...

-SDR Racing (GIntalex)
by GIntalex November 25, 2004
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A group of three couch potato’s who share a common hate for a ducklipped lawyer who hashtags everything and gets a shout-out from her man even on Father’s Day.
This bitch just posted some shit, send it to the H4L group thread...
by Youvebeenjosered June 02, 2018
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