To listen to satellites you will need some kit like a good Defined Radio
by aussie born killer March 14, 2020
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Single Data Rate. Inferior to DDR, unless the amount of ram is insanely huge.
by Freezerburn September 19, 2003
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def'n. An amazingly talented rap group that also dominates the Canadian Cycling circuit. Stands for Snaggle-Deuce-Remix, or THE Snaggle Deuce Remix.

Also known as the SDR Racing Team when competing.
the sky is black as the thunderclouds roll in,
TCR pink SDR reppin...

SDR Racing Team
by GIntalex November 25, 2004
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A Social distancing relationship due to the covid-19 pandemic. A relationship that consists of txting and zoom sessions.
Because of quarantine, I am in an SDR with Taylor.
by tomwolfe007 April 29, 2020
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An abbreviation meaning stop, drop and roll. Used to comment on pictures that are particularly hot.
"Woah, sdr coz u look hot!"
by deldo July 11, 2008
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Very short; Still didn't read.

Used similarly to TL;DR, but for short texts.

Could also be used, when a TL;DR is providing an abstract of a long text and one is afraid people won't read even the TL;DR cause of it's length. In that case additional VS;SDR can sum up the TL;DR in a super succint manner.
(online chat)
A: Dude, lemme tell you about how I met this girl! So we went .. (text is 5 lines long).

by mimkorn October 01, 2018
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