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The reason WHY notre dame prep girls go to NDP. They devote their months of febuary and march to it, and they LOVE it.
by i love ndp April 23, 2005
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Something you will never unstand unless you go to NDP. It is the reason people actually make up their gym classes in the winter and don't do winter sports. It is so much better than Maryvale's especially since they stole the idea, and of course NDP's is much more intense. It is the only thing school related that the girls will give up their friday AND saturday nights for.
Gym meet is the only thing that can include cheap costumes, amazing posters, 70 girls doing aerobics, ugly gym uniforms, bloomers and keds, white tape, stupid looking dances to songs without words, and more drama than the rest of the school year combined into two nights.
-I can't go out tonight, I have gym meet.
-What the hell is that?
by do you have the time May 09, 2005
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Probally the best creation known to mankind or at least anyone who is lucky enough to attend NDP. Gym meet is the most intense event of the school year. The planning starts the second week of September and goes until the first week of May. The only reason why girls would stay after school until 5 every day from january to march (7pm if youre a laxer) and the only reason we would give up are friday and saturday night, eventhough we have victory parties afterwards(4th place victory parties occur too). The new 8million dollar gym is trashed with class colors. It a time where girls make formations according to thier themes in blue tunics, starch white blouses, ankle high socks, and of course KEDS. Where girls sign together with the whole class. Then follow aerobic 70 girls decked out in french braids and white tape sufficating thier tenis shoes. Followed by dance where girls make thier costumes out of $1.25 budget.We all know freshman start out with plastic bag costumes and then senior year the girls are decked out in full costume made out of shiny material. The week prior to gym meet is filled with doing absolutely no school work. Instead practices, dress rehersals, mini meet, and signing night where the seniors dress the campus while underclass man trash the street of ruxtun, towson, lutherville, seminary rd, hampton lane, and of course loyola. You know its gym meet when you see hundreds of cars decorate included the girl's boyfriends (unwilling of course). I place where the silver cup is cherished but getting a plaque is good too. Seniors always when because if they dont the school knows they will never donate as alumni, but if your class gets 10pts under the senior class score (like class of 05) you know you really one. If you wanna see how much fun gym meet is just check webshots. GOOOO GYM MEEET You will only grasp the full concept of gym meet unless you attend there, are a parent, alumni, or a teacher
Whats your favorite part of ndp?
Thats a stupid question.
by GYM MEETIZLE May 29, 2005
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a competition between the four upper school classes at NDP (*cough and MVP...but NDP will always kick the F-ing shit out of you) in which they create a march, dance, aerobics, poster, and song according to the theme. Each class elects a captain who must express great leaderhsip in leading her class to the silver cup. This competiton brings out the best in everyone and brings the classes together. every girl must be willing to give up Sat for practice, the months of Jan, Feb, and March, and a single Fri and Sat night in March. NDP girls walk around proudly saying I participated in Gym Meet. even though it is a given the Seniors will win (no matter if the jrs really won...they just say the seniors won). we dress up the campus, our cars, our bf's cars, our houses, and def. our homerooms. and yes our Gym Meet parties are hardcore and involve drinking and passing out and not remembering anything the next morning...but what the hell? It all revolves around two words: GYM MEET! no one will ever undertsand unless they are a student, alumni, faculty, relative, or have any association with NDP! i bet you never knew two little simple words could have so much of an impact...
Gym Meet is the best f-ing competiton ever!
by PROUD NDP GIRL! December 02, 2005
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An NDP tradition that’s almost a century old (and also copied by every other private girls school in MD in some way) where the four classes compete against each other for the coveted silver cup and march, song, aerobics, and dance plaques. Seniors typically win because of experience unless your grade is unbelievably good (1985 and 2019 won as juniors). Nobody does school work or talks about anything else for the whole first week of March and it causes MAJOR drama (but let’s be honest, the petty girls are just mad they suck)
ndp girl: WHEN are you getting a spray tan for gym meet???

ndp girl #2: I wanted to go before mini meet but I know Aruba will be packed
by girl_powr March 13, 2019
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Probably the best thing ever created. While NDP might think that it was ripped off of them, true Maryvale girls know the real meaning behind Gym Meet. It's all about who's the best out of all the class and who's the most spirited/united out of the bunch. Working on a $7 budget per person, classes prove that there is ingenuity and creativity by the costumes, formations, songs and other assorted dances and whatnot that come out of Gym Meet. How else can you explain a class walking around in spandex? Twice. In front of the whole school. And being totally proud of that fact. The thing about Gym Meet is that it shows just how close a class is with each other. Sometimes, banner winners have gotten their formations, songs and marches down in a matter of days. Whether they're Senior Rocks, Spartans, Eggs, Skators or Sky-divers; Junior Cicadas, Nerds, Jailbirds, Geniuses, or 2007 flashing back to the 70's; Sophomore Scubas, Beatles, Sorcerors, or Sumos; Freshman Fishes, Football, Fireman, Surfers or Army; true Maryvale girls know how to do Gym Meet and how to do it right. It's just something that's in the air and is caught. It's infectious. AND IT'S SO TOTALLY MARYVALE!
NDP GIRL: Your Gym Meet is SO ripped off of ours.
NDP GIRL: Ours is way better.
MVP GIRL: Where do you do yours?
NDP GIRL: In the gym.
MVP GIRL: Bah. We only do it in the gym if it's lightening and thundering outside. We do it like real women. On the fields. In the mud or the rain when necessary.
NDP GIRL: EWWWWW! That's gross and so nasty and unsophisticated.
MVP GIRL: Nope, that's Maryvale for you. Say, have you done your marches, formations, dances and songs with bare feet.
NDP GIRL: No. Why?
MVP GIRL: We have. Outside. With some mud. It's cooler that way.
NDP GIRL: AHHHH! MONSTROSITY! I CAN'T STAND IT! *runs away, crying, having been properly beat*
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the next best thing to spirit week at maryvale. ndp-ers think that their gym meet is the shit when really maryvale knows how to do gym meet right. we all know that we can dance so y make up retarted ones for your parents or boyfriends to watch on 3 seperate occasions. Gym meet should only be viewed once and the winners should receive a banner so that everyone that enters the gym know who really is top dog. mvp's gym meet consists of middle school and upper school classes/groups showing off their talents as song writers and formation makers. the songs are quite humerous and should pertain to the theme of the class (ie "shed ur body" junior cicadas). the wonderful exibition is usually started off wiht a class sleepover, but only if u are as bonded as 2007 and 2005.sorry but it's true. the ndp girls can say how great their gym meet is all they want but quite frankly, i'm not gonna lie to you... MVP KNOWS HOW TO DO IT RIGHT!!!
as much as our campus smells like shit we will always beat any ndp girl in anything that we do!
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