Refers to temporary penis shrinkage that occurs after a man finishes a long workout. Problem is typically magnified when cardio is added to the workout.
**In locker room** haha, what's up babydick! I guess you could call that a cock.

Fuck off man, I got gym dick.
by IIIEZ_ February 20, 2010
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The girth gained while at the gym while you use an elypical machine behind arousing woman on treadmill.
Ooohh it felt so good between my legs whilst I stared at that little nugget in front of me. She gave me some serious Gym Dick.
by Genomac August 21, 2009
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A person who has a large flaccid penis who is not shy to flaunt it in a gym locker room.
The guy next to me loves to walk around with his "gym dick"
by WJA January 25, 2006
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Gym dick is a result of enduring marathon days inside of a gymnasium for a wrestling tournament or similar event. The dick becomes listless and withdrawn, and no amount of staring at members of the opposite sex can revive it. You know you have gym dick when you go to the bathroom and the dick has recoiled, becoming wrinkled, clammy, and possibly tucked into its own sack.
Guy 1: I'm worried. When I went the bathroom the 12th time today, I couldn't find my dick. Then I found it, but I couldn't stretch it far enough to pull it out of my zipper. I finally had to go to a stall and piss with my pants around my ankles.

Guy 2: That's just gym dick. I have it too.
by dvk2000 January 16, 2013
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A penis that is small when un-erect and might induce laughter if seen but is much bigger when erect.
Girl: "My, when I saw him steam room a few weeks ago, he definatly wasn't that big. He must just have a bad gym dick."
by Craigsy April 15, 2013
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