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A phish song, guyute was a ugly pig, who walked on me and dance a jig, that he had learned when he was six, then stopped and did some other tricks, like pulling weapons from his coat, and holding them against my throat, he lecuried me in language starnge, then scamppered quickly out of range
Man guytue is an awesome phish song.
by John Smith January 27, 2005
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An awesomely cool cat with a goatee. Could be described as a tweeker by the speaker, but an all around cute cat who's always funny to watch and makes you laugh til you cry. Bold, boisterous, and active; he fears no one, yet also has a sweet side.
You should've seen what my cat did yesterday, I almost peed my pants! What a Guyute!!
by Hot Rod Enhancer February 08, 2010
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