A popular game in the Midwest, East Coast and California Bay Area. The first player says something, and the other players respond to whether it is "Guys" or "Not Guys."
Guys or Not Guys is not only a great American past time, but it is fun for all ages.

ChoreBoy asked Finch whether he thought his buttix looked Guys or Not Guys. Finch stated "Not Guys!" because he saw absolutely no smears of stool on his cheeks.

"Peking Duck, Guys or Not Guys?" Guys! Pustifer responded.
by GerthPaul December 16, 2022
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a phrase that can be used to replace any or all nouns and verbs in a sentence.
She guy in the guy'd my guy in the guy last night
by Deuce51283 August 23, 2009
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used in every urban dictionary example sentence. literally no one would have the conversation these guys bring up

Guy 2: thats fucking stupid, correct

Girl: i got sexed and i hate and i tell everyone. i also like the sex

this is guy 1 and guy 2 in an example. also girl is there too
by The Guy who is Anonymous April 1, 2021
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1. When two or more guys kiss and make out and get off together. A quick kiss or grope doesn't count. Extended tongue action and fondling are required for an act to be guy on guy. Most of the time this ends when they wank each other until they come (because guys are good at wanking). Guys who are more familiar with each other, or kinky, will 69 and suck cock and rim and have butt sex.

2. Porn for girls. The type of porn in which all participants are hot and generally getting off on the proceedings. Participating in a guy on guy moment is the number one female fantasy.
Julie: Did you get that Mad TV guy on guy youtube clip that I sent you?
Jodie: Omg that was so hot, do you think that all guys really do that?
by PHolden May 21, 2013
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Not quite exactly, guy in guy, or guy on guy. It's more like guy with guy or guy with guys. Semi-naked to naked men hanging around brushing up against each other and checking each other out.
Hey dude, remember that night of guy around guy'ing? THAT SHIT WAS AWESOME!
by John Futtbuck August 13, 2007
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What many, many females fantasise about, much like guys' attraction to girl-on-girl action, only this version is far less socially acceptable and thus kept a closely guarded secret, even more closely guarded than masturbation. Many teenage girls in particular have a special attraction for punk/emo-type guys getting together (see: emo boys who kiss)
If you've only just gotten access to the internet, where girls are free to express their love for guy-on-guy action anonymously, and refuse to believe this, see fanfiction.net, which is full of these types of stories. 99.9999999999% of the authors are teenage girls...
by guy-on-guy action is hot July 10, 2005
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Greeting used often by overzealous lebanese guys. Is often accompied by a tour of the new apartment and mass quanties of 7-uP.
*door knocks*
Flying Star - Hello?
Noid - it's us
*door opens*
Flying Star - Guys Guys Guys
by foug January 12, 2005
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