A concept that men find natural, but women find confusing or annoying.
"Do you have to celebrate after every touchdown?"

"It's a guy thing. You wouldn't understand."
by Stud April 12, 2005
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When you ask a guy if you look bad and he lies to make you feel better about your self (or to get out of trouble) even tho you look horrid.
Person: Do i look fat?


Person: really?

Guy: You look totally hott:)

Person: Thanks:)

Later that day.....

Friend: Are you sure he didnt do "The Guy Thing"?

Person: Um...No...JERK!!!
by the_Brilliant_3mily! February 9, 2010
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An activity only understood, experienced, or done by males, something that appeals only to men.
"Stop talking about cars, thats such a guys thing"
by DifferentDead December 1, 2016
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Hello. Means someone who is looking at it
you are looking the guy writing this thing
by April 1, 2022
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A term The Dolan Twins use to describe a condom
*doing guess my bath*
*Ethan does the condom challenge*
Grayson"oh it's a water balloon thing guy*
by dolan_s_ on insta September 17, 2017
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