18 definitions by Stud

When the passengers in the back seat of a car slide to one side of the vehicle on a sharp curve. Usually corrected through the use of seatbelts.
"We all curboed when Ashley took the turn too hard."
by Stud April 12, 2005
Polite, slang term for "Goddammit."
Mike dropped a god bomb when he stubbed his toe.
by Stud April 12, 2005
Short for "a hot piece of ass." Literally, a hot member of the opposite sex.
"Dude, check out that hot piece waiting in line."
by Stud April 12, 2005
1. Referring to an arty, intellectual person who has conversations that no normal person ever would. Comes from the phrase "My soul is so deep ..."
"Last night I dreamed I was a single red leaf in the dead of winter."

"Wow, that's sodeep."
by Stud April 12, 2005
When someone questions you repeatedily about a certain topic, and you wish they'd just shut up about it.
"Quit givin' me the 3rd degree about the party, okay? Nothing happened."
by Stud April 12, 2005
She and I did not get along. She behaved like a scunt.
by Stud August 7, 2003
A male definition. Adding muscle mass or weight by going to the gym frequently and eating a high-protein diet.
Q: Dude, why are you eating so much meat?
A: I'm trying to bulk up.
by Stud April 12, 2005