Your non romantic male soul mate. Usually when a girl is deprived of a brother this male ends up being the replacement. They are as close as siblings and he means the world to her. He is referred to as the "guy best friend"usually when the girl has best friends who are mostly girls. While most of the time these two remain best friends despite media constantly saying it turns out to romance, it is usually the male that tends to fall for the female. Females who do fall for their guy best friend usually keep it quiet in fear of losing their best friend. People often joke that the two will get married when both honestly find no romantic interest in the other.
Guy: Rose hangs out with Victor way too much to not like him.
Girl:I talk to Rose all the time, she says that he's just her guy best friend. She has no feelings for him whatsoever.
by Meh22222222222 April 29, 2013
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That guy who is always there for you. He might not always speak to you 24/7 but he texts you and cares for you. You guys love each other but can't admit it. You claim you are just friends. You and your guy best friend are made for each other.
Thats Sydney's guy best friend they should be together.
by Ongo February 15, 2019
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1) when something amazing happens, he's the one you want to tell first.
2) he's not afraid to tell you when you are with the wrong guy.
3) he's the first one you call when things are going wrong.
4) he's the first one there when you need a shoulder to cry on.
5) when you imagine your perfect guy, you see him in your mind
6) your friends wonder why you and him aren't together yet.
7) he wants to be your back up date for formal, in case something goes wrong with the 'jerk' you are taking.
8) he knows when things aren't right, no matter how many times you lie using the words 'i'm fine..'
9) he gives you amazing advice on guys, cause duh.. who knows them better?
10) he is amazing in every single way and treats you the way you ought to be treated..
keep the guy best friend in your life! He will always be there for you no matter how shitty you treat him. He loves you and lets face it, you guys are meant to be together! It may take weeks, months or years..but you will end up with him. :)
by is he the one.. May 18, 2011
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someone who cares and loves you from the bottom of their heart, but would be weird to say since you're just friends. eventually, like me, you'll have feelings for him, but keep him while you have him. he knows all the tea and you love texting him. he gets 'night- high' with you and have deep conversations together. he says the sweetest things and sometimes gives the best advice like "don't ever say he is too good for you." i haven't got there yet, but snuggling in with him with a movie has to be the BEST. someone you wish you could kiss sometimes but always have to stop yourself to remind yourself that you're only friends. also, he could be your crush's close friend. sometimes he can be annoying as hecc, but in an admirable way. i personally am so afraid to lose him cuz he means so so much to me. -charis
kinda close friend: why do you always hang out and talk about ben? do you like him?
me: no sis. he's my freakin guy best friend, nothing else.
by initialscs February 17, 2019
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(noun) a guy best friend is the one man you love to death but platonically.

He doesn’t judge you or cause drama, and he loves you for who you are.

Everyone thinks you and your guy best friend are dating, oddly. But all of the rumors are worth it if he gets to be the one you’re closest to.

A lot of times, you’ll fall for your guy best friend. This is normal. You may fall in love too early or too late. Or not at all.

Just remember, he will always be there for you.

Don’t lose him.
Her guy best friend knows her the best.
by ...bytemeh January 4, 2019
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the guy who you can tell everything to. the person u can face time all the time and never run out of things to talk about. the person who tells you when you’re being a dramatic bitch. the person who makes fun of u all day long, yet still manages to build your confidence. the one who you’re ALWAYS shipped with. if you stop being friends w this person, it hurts more than anything else in the world
woah i definitely ship Kara and her guy best friend”
by hose mad August 1, 2019
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your guys best friend is the one you text every morning and night. they comfort you and make you laugh in the rough times
by kardashiansuperfan May 18, 2019
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