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A sound made by a fangirl when seeing the object of her affections.
Oh my god, a new picture of *example* GURRRRR so beautiful.
by Meginess May 15, 2011
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Sound made to describe the look of plane nose art. Gurrr looks like the sound an A-10 plane would make if it could speak. Nose art animals that look like they could make the sound include sharks, tigers, and warthogs. Used by small children when they pretend to make the planes speak.
Tyler: Look at that A-10
Jordan: Yes, very nice, GURRR!
Tyler: What the hell did you just say
Tyler: What the hell does that even mean
Jordan: It's the sound that looks like the plane could make
Tyler: So you're saying a shark makes the sound GURRR?
Jordan: I mean, why not? It has a scary face and scary teeth
Tyler: Why did I even bring you here? This was a mistake
by NightWalker21 July 27, 2019
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