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Featured in the RPG 'Breath of Fire 2', Guntz is the hometown of the Iron Orge Clan. Located on an island at between the Eastern and Western continent, the town is known for their excellent blacksmith's and has the world's finest armory. Known as Gant in the first 'Breath of Fire' game.
The group travelled to Guntz inside a giant sperm whale.
by Kentan Kisuragi August 14, 2006
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A wolf character in Klonoa. He appears to be a rival to Klonoa, but then is his friend. He wants to find a cat named Janga who killed his father, Butz. He is also known as Gantz in the English versions of Klonoa.
Guntz is an ally of Klonoa in Namco X Capcom.
by person148 May 28, 2007
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An amaradillo dude from Shining force.
He has good defence and somewhat of a good attack.
by Slayga August 10, 2005
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