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v. The act of spamming the Ding Ding Dong song by Gunther. (As made infamous by Swag Mac Daddy)
Yaw dat trick got gunthered n he was like yaw i'ma tell dat girl you like dat. N he was like naw mo gunthering mane.
by Swag Mac Daddy July 28, 2011
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Gunthering is a lifestyle choice. It is based around the unconditional love and grace of Gunther. It is the act of spreading his word through image, with Gunther's face posted up around the local community.
Gunther love spreader: "Have you been Gunthering and spreading Gunthers love and message?"

Soon to be Guntherer: "Who's Gunther?"

Gunther love spreader: "Gunther is the man who loves and respects all, we must spread his message of love and grace throughout the land"

Soon to be Guntherer: "That sounds awesome, how do I help?"

Gunther love spreader: "Just embrace Gunther and spread his message like me, that is all you need"
by Guntherer August 19, 2012
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The act of going to Gunther's bar in Niederau, to Apres Ski. When enough has been consumed you will be well “Gunthere’d”
Are you going Gunthering today?
I got well Gunther'd last night
by m0ke February 23, 2011
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