The former Marine "God Father"of a Nashville based mafia like organization although criminal centered is based on community service truth and honorable living.
The Gunny and his family members have turned their drug profits to paying people's rent.
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by Strange luck June 18, 2018
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A nickname for a senior ranking non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps with the pay-grade of E7 and the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. This nickname's usage, often used as a term of respect, is determined by the GSgt.
LCorporal: Hey, gunny?
GSgt: Yeah?
LCorporal: Pyle took a **** in the M998. AGAIN!
GSgt: Picks up Kabar knife
by Macd00d January 10, 2006
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Short name for Gunnery Sergeant. A Gunnery Sergeant is one rank higher than Staff Sergeant and better at everything a Staff Sergeant could do.
Gunny Tom Highway (of "Heartbreak Ridge"): "This is the AK-47 assault rifle, the preferred weapon of your enemy."
S-4 SSgt : "Oh, I didn't know that."
by JayJayEm August 06, 2006
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Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps. Usually the boss of the Marines that are associated with him/her.
Gunny Hipe is gonna chew my ass for being late!
by Jerrelle January 11, 2008
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" a word used to describe someone who is tired and is unable to hit the "f" key... and lazily hits the "g" key instead. means "tiredly funny"
by EDWARRRD February 13, 2009
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