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Guma regards to girls in general, however some people use it to refer to their girlfriend in particular, as a generalised term; Girls.
I'm going out with the gumas tonight.
Come here guma!
by CivicBitches July 26, 2009
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A word for annoying. Stupid, Immature. Common with names such as Nick or Greg. Over react to every little thing. Think they are tough but really are not.
Guy 1: That kid, Nick, over there is such a Guma.
Guy 2: That's not fair, you hardly know him.
by kradd1221 February 01, 2010
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Crazy Swinger.

1) A style of bowling used in the sport of turk-toss (a Mediterranean variation of cricket). The delivery involves coming around the wicket and over the wicket at the same time. Applying both in-swing and out-swing, the bowl relies heavily on a firm wasp of the hips and the element of surprise.

2) A person who has surpassed the standard confines of being a sexual partner sharing swinger. Has very few boundaries and is happy to participate in practically anything suggested.

3) A person who performs on a standard playground swing-set outside of normal boundaries. Executes such moves as the "Headstand Flip" and the "Rump Dragger"
1) Another crazy gumas swinging delivery takes the final wicket in the inter-turkinental cup.

2) Random swinger: My gimp monkey and I would really like to cock-vomit all over your one armed, one legged midget partner and your Turkish chest.
Gumas: This is everything that I am about, I would love to receive this.

3) Child: Good day to you Gumas, I am enjoying sitting and swinging on this swing, would you care to join me.
Gumas: My skill in this art far surpasses yours. I am a crazy swinger and I will not tarnish my reputation by participating in this with you.
by jjvpfce January 01, 2011
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