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Ernests Gulbis, a proffesional tennis player who constantly rips the craziest shots for no reason other than to be awesome.

Gulbis is also used to describe the act of utterly humiliating someone in tennis.

to Gulbis someone: to utterly rape someone in tennis by... returning a first serve with a faster forehand, hitting a shot right at the opponent and still having the opponent whiff, smashing overheads at the opponent's face, hitting a dropshot winner when the opponent is at net, and acing someone on a 2nd serve by hitting it faster than the 1st serve.

After hitting one of these shots, a player may shout "GULBIS!!" instead of the standard "come on!"
Hey are you ready? I'm gona ace you.
-no you won't I own you
(SERVES... fault)...)
-I own you
I'm still going to ace you, right down the line
-It's ur 2nd serve, good luck
by theeJuggernaut January 22, 2009
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