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Originally, a Pashto name but now used widely in Pakistani English for someone who obsequiously supports the oppressive policies and practices of the Pakistan military, especially against Pashtuns. According to legend, there are four types of Gul Khans.
1: Person who will criticize anything and everything under the sun but will shut the fuck up when it comes to the crimes of the Pakistan military.

2: Person who secretly supports people like the legendary rights activist Manzoor Pashteen but is too afraid to say it openly.
3: The third type of Gul Khan is the one who thinks that activists of the Pashtun Tahafuz (Protection) Movement are agents of foreign spy agencies like the Indian RAW, the Israeli Mossad and the US CIA.
4: The fourth type of Gul Khan thinks that everything that happens in Pakistan is done by the Pakistani spy agencies. Therefore, even the PTM is created by the military. This is worst type.
It makes laugh like hell how I used to be a Gul Khan.
I'd rather climb the K2 than try to make a Gul Khan see reason. Such confirmed idiots!
by GrrazWarkawa June 12, 2018
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