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A guinner is a cute baby guinea pig. But guinners could also be full grown guinea pigs, kind of like how a dog can be a pupper.

Most guinners tend to be fat fucks and that's what makes the so god damn adorable. They also are good at attracting ladies.
Female: "Wow what a cute guinner you have there!"
Male: "Thanks, would you like to pet him and maybe go out to dinner sometime?"
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by t3chn0bab3 October 18, 2017
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a 45 year old man who is either unemployed, or living in his mothers basement (or both). He does nothing 11 months of the year, but when december comes through he spends all day and night playing shinny, thought he has mad dangles, his goon tactics, and lack of a helmet or hockey gloves are what make this heroic man a GUINNER
hey ya fuckin goon look at that guinner in the red sweater dangle those moules.
by goonsquadbuttonwoodgangstar January 07, 2009
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