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An unusually massive labial protrusion, also known in the western world as a clitoris. It differs from other clits in that it closely resembles a ceremonial digeridoo found in deep-state tribes of the island country. Looks a lot like a Vienna sausage in a hoodie.
Shut the fuck door!...Denise has the biggest fukken guinea horn ive seen on a chick since Shaneishia Williams 69’d me in high school; I bobbed on it like I was going down on a cocktail weenie!
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by Liquor Anus June 24, 2018
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A Clitoris that resembles that of a pigs foot and sticks through undergarments like a knife and is known as a "penis Clit" and a "pinchy"
Hey Terry, I bowed Mary up like a Halloween cat over the table and she had a guinea horn the size of my middle finger!
by allen_larken5 December 18, 2013
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An oversized, massive clitoris that is so big that it can be frightening and occasionally mistaken for a male organ. It has been known to make grown men run for their lives.
Man, I got Cindy's pants off, dude, and started rubbing her crotch and she got a guinea horn that jumped up and sprang to life! Scared the crap outta me!
by Hornshark May 05, 2006
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aside from the common offensive definition, Guinea horn is also a type of baked cobbler consisting of Peach, blackberries, and strawberries, a very popular dish in Georgia and surrounding south eastern coastal states.
by bakersdelight89 May 21, 2011
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Another term for β€œclitoris” or as some refer to it as simply β€œclit”.
She gets wet as fuck when I blow on her guinea horn.
by Ronnie Lambert February 17, 2018
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