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Guelo, pronounced Way-lo, is Spanish slang for grampa, grandpa, grandfather. It is a term of endearment, used among friends when one is a generation or more senior in age. It is an abbreviation of the word Abuelo.
Hey Guelo, sit here in the shade. Let the young bucks swing that sledge for a while.
by jimmy da prick September 17, 2016
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a catch-all word for any noun or verb, often used in order to encourage the question of "what is guelo?' in response one must respond "one does not simply guelo into Mordor.
My mellow, fellow, guelo, once inquired if one could simply guelo, mellowly, with a fellow, into mordor. To which I replied emphatically, one does not simply guelo into Mordor.
by GAMSbond March 06, 2011
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