When a girl is giving you head and instead of spitting on your gentleman sausage she hocks a loogie on it and sucks it up.
Bro Stacy was slobbing on my knob when all the sudden she gave me a gucky and schlurped it up like it was a smoothie.
by Dreamscape009 July 16, 2021
1. the opposite of Gucci
2. a person/object not cool
I bought a pair of TN's.
Ew, that's gucky!
by Boo098 June 22, 2018
(person 1): Hey did u hear about Guckie?
(person 2): No, what happened?
(person 1): they tried to burn down the Gucci
by and i scoopp June 17, 2020
To be fake or cheap

Like fake Gucci
"That bitch is a GUCKI Toronto local"

"You keep wearing those GUCKI shoes"? 'Why?'
by Gucci92403 August 13, 2019
something gross and yucky. because the preceding words are totally lame, gucky is the kickass alternative
"that shit is fucking gucky, man"
by crazified August 23, 2006
a combination of the words gross and yuck
bro wtf is that

idk but it looks gucky
by crazygal6271 September 21, 2018