When someone enters another dimension through the consumption of alcohol.
Also known as gucked or gabstered.
Originated from a young teenage ginger nicknamed gub who got fucked past any level known to man.
“Are you getting white girl wasted?-Nah dude I’m getting gubbed up”
“Did you see Emily last night? She was so gubbed up she had to get her stomach pumped
“Bro we’re totally getting gubbed up tonight”
by Society of wankers April 10, 2019
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Gubbed - Scottish vernacular.

1. To be punched in the gub
2. Broken, destroyed or otherwise burst
3. Knackered, exhausted, jiggered, trashed
1. The wee bastart gubbed me wan in the feckin' gub.

2. I cannae roll wan 'cause the skins are gubbed.

3. Gies a break, Hen, ahm totally gubbed.

by Anndra Dubhacan February 4, 2006
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When a heavily odds on shot in betting gets turned over and loses
Dave) Get on roger federer to beat Rafa Nedal at odds of 1.05.

alan) Sounds like value to me, ill stick my whole bank on it, yeh?

Dave) Its free money

Tommo) Gubbage convention now taking place in tennis with Rafa nadal 1 set away from a win.

Dave and Alan) FFS! OMG!

Tommo) Has this happend before? Gubbed!
by alan6 August 13, 2008
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Cum that’s half dry. Like when you blow a load on to something after masturbating and don’t clean it up right away and come back and half of it is already sticking to the surface.
Dude who left gub on my couch?!
by G3netiklee_superear May 15, 2019
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someone who does not know what a gub is
"you are such a gub!"
"whats a gub?"
by ambee July 13, 2007
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Refering to a males penis
I drew a gub gub on her wall.
by Lois-Audrey July 16, 2006
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