ahm is a cath all term for "im listening" of "ok, carry on" to show you are listening in a sentance
"So thats what he did, and then" "ahm" he stormed out and never came back"
by February 05, 2021
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The name of literally everyone in Egypt, and most people in the middle east.
(every pedestrian on the street looks)
by Popcar2 May 28, 2016
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A very common Muslim name that is used around the world. This name derived from the last messenger and prophet of Allah, Muhammed (may peace and blessings be upon him), which "Ahmed" is a shorter version of the name "Muhammed". "Ahmed" in Arabic is احمد.
Person: Hi Ahmed!
Ahmed: Hi, how are you?

(couldn't think of a better example lol)
by Almatari December 05, 2017
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Realest nigga in da cut always backin beef and respecting the bros never opped or snaked no bros in his life and will always be a nigga u want by your side
Jheeze i see u ahmed my nigha
by Sycho man August 01, 2019
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Ahmed. The most amazingly perfect person you could ever meet. He is perfect in every way, and every person he meets adores him. He is loved by so many, yet loves only one other more than his own life. An Ahmed always has beautiful eyes and isn't afraid to use them to his advantage. Even though he loves only one other, he will flirt with people of the opposit sex. If you know an Ahmed, look after him. He is the greatest treasure you could have.
Me: Hey, is his name Ahmed?
Friend: It must be, look how unbelievably perfect he is!
by Wanabenediiiik June 21, 2011
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