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An icelandic noun that refers to joints rolled by using menthol flavoured tobacco. It's popularity has increased significantly during the mid 2000s.
The bitch just rolled a Guðrún. I don't think I can handle it, boys. 'night.
by Feeling Lazy July 27, 2011
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Really beautiful girl from iceland, smart, funny. Shes everything anybody is lucky to have her, guðrún often shortened to gunna
Mates in a bar
Mate1: ohh wow look at that hot stuff
Mate2: shes gorgeous she must be a guðrún
by Nafniðmittskiptirengumáli August 28, 2017
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a girl who has stalker-like tendencies, someone who goes to the toilet and doesn't wash her hands.
oh my god, she is such a feral, what a gudrun!
by sketchy123 June 16, 2008
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