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Grundy’s Revenge is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). It is some times called the most annoying of all the STDs. It shares a few of the same symptoms as other STDs like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. As a result it is sometimes misdiagnosed. The use of contraceptives such as male and female condoms will not stop the transmission of GR from one person to another. It is easily cured with antibiotics taken orally and via suppository.

Grundy’s Revenge may also be referred to as the Douglas
(Douglas refers to the person whom the STD originated from)

symptoms of Grundy’s Revenge are:
(you may experience one or multiple symptoms, but never all of them at once)
- sever abdominal cramping
- vaginal, penile, anal discharges
*white creamy discharge
*green creamy discharge
*clear sticky creamy discharge
- bleeding from the vagina, penis, anus
- persistent migraines
- mood swings
- binge eating
- damage to the nervous system
(dulling the sensation of pain when injured
as well as pleasure during intercourse)
- excessive moisture accumulating around the taint region
- causes the taint to smell like a new car
(anyone who has Grundy’s Revenge will have the smell of new car emitting from their taint. This is the only symptom that everyone who has GR will have throughout the duration of their infection.)
Man to his friend
"Man I think that girl I met at the bar last week gave me a bad case of the Douglas."

Man to his friends
"When I went to go down on her, I instantly smelled new car. I knew then she had Grundy’s Revenge so I got out of there as quick as could."

Women to her friend
"So I unzipped his pants and the smell of new car just filled the room. It was too much I almost threw up right then and there. He probably had the worst case of GR ever."
by SushiExpress1271 July 17, 2006
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