When you skip a tutorial in a video game, and get stuck or lost in something the tutorial taught. A reference to Arin (Egoraptor) of the youtube channel Game Grumps, who would always skip tutorials.
"Bro, you're grumping it! You shouldn't have skipped the tutorial."
"Ah, yeah, I grumped it."
by queephlosion December 16, 2020
A motherfuckin' grumpy-ass dog. He's always grumping and being rude. He doesn't have anything to grump about (except maybe that our McDonald's doesn't have $1 McDoubles) but he continuously grumps. Also a cheapskate and is not forthcoming with kisses or snugs.
Zack: Hey let's go smoke synthetic marijuana!!!

Em: I can't. I have to take this Grump Grump to the vet to get this cone off his head. He's grumping about it.
by Emboslice August 20, 2011
A nickname that is commonly used for Grandparents and Great Grandparents. The name generally is used for attractive great grandparents, who are with younger women or men.
1. Me and Grump went to brunch this morning.

2. Grump is sexy.
by Char777 February 2, 2019
noun: when you shit on the ground. grump = ground + dump
When doodie calls and there isn't a bathroom around, take a grump.

Backpacking ventures almost always entail grumps.
by thebelgianbomber February 9, 2014
When a person grind/dry humps a person alive or dead
"Did you see tom and tracy grumping at jimmys party last night?" " dude I totally practiced grumping on my pillow last night."
by Og_grumper_69 August 1, 2017
a certain state of mind characterized by grumpiness and a generally disagreeable demeanor
Reia spilled her beer all over her self, and was grumps for the rest of the night.
by manfriend July 3, 2004
The act of making an exaggerated frown in the shape of an upside down "U." Often used when someone is being ridiculed in a joking situation.
While grumping be sure to make your frown as curvy and unpleasant as possible
by mmoneh November 17, 2011