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1. Expression of a fucked up situation, such as, but not limited to:

Car accident
Getting ditched
Popping it in the "wrong" hole
Being aggravated
your best friend cheating on your with your fiance (Not from personal exp. but I'm sure that would suck).

2. A word meaning "Dammit".
Guy 1: "Hey man, think I could get some spare change?"

Guy 2: "Grrfuck dude, I spent my last bit of cash on this chick I met the other day."
by XeoinV July 27, 2008
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Highly turned on so much that you growl and cuss.
Grrfuck, my boyfriend just told me he wants to pin me to a wall grab a clump of my hair and finger me while whispering "whos pussy is this?" in my ear.
by AB_Arrogant_Bastard June 09, 2018
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