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A title that used to be cool, is now an insult. Used for someone who surfs and slap boxes for no apparent reason. Gets drunk at least 4-5 times a week during the school year. Thinks they’re funny. Shacks (vapes) in the bathroom. Calls girls dabs ( D DRUNK A ASS B BITCH) yet cant handle their alcohol at all. Is usually high (no shame in that though.) Most likely will never move out of their parent’s homes. Sags their pants. Assaults girls. Basic definition for high school douchebags.

*live in La Jolla California*
I hate the groms I don’t want to take out with them. They’re just gonna explain to us why we should suck their dicks and then tell us and the rest of the school how badly we suck dick at sucking dick! Lose lose situation😒
by Lajollahigh September 27, 2018

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